World Map
World Map

Maps are Metaphors

Where would we be without maps? Especially when we’re on a dusty road and have never been here before. We either are on our way to a set destination, or we seek to experience new things in a land that we are unfamiliar with. Maps can define our surroundings, define who is in charge of the land, explain how to get from point a to point b, or simply convey what we can do or not do.

I am of an age that my early classrooms had rolled up maps hanging above the chalk boards. We also…

Photo by fauxels from Pexels
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Society suffers from political turmoil, conflict and inequality in access to participation. Much of the conflict in the world results from an inability of people to work fairly with individuals of different cultural perspectives. There is clearly need for more openness to multicultural participation in this increasingly interconnected world. While assessment tools and training programs exist, there is a shortage of best practices tools aimed at improving multicultural communication. This article argues that multicultural communication suffers from the same problems of unequal access and lack of participation as communication limited to a participants sharing more mono-cultural attributes. With increased recognition…

Bernie in Southern California

Bernie Must be the Nominee

Let me clear, with some caveats first. I supported Bernie Sanders in 2016 as a volunteer and donor. I, again, support him for 2020. 

Now I want to explain why Bernie is the best choice as 2020 nominee for the Democratic party. My argument rests on three points. 1 Trump and the Republicans will attack the Democratic candidate as if she is Bernie Sanders. 2) Any candidate that is not Bernie when attacked by the 2020 Republicans, will pivot to talking points. 3) Bernie as an independent aligns with values held by some independent voters…

Ideas are Weapons

Ideas are Weapons

Humans are sheep. We accept shared worldviews because of ideas in our head that are complex concepts that represent the activities and conditions around us. Human brains have developed over the millennia with the ability to store and retrieve social interaction plans and schemes.

1. The world is shaped by people’s shared ideas

We live and operate in the world created by people’s ideas. Our beliefs in boundaries and countries come about because of our shared beliefs. Our political systems and economic systems are developed in our minds. Trust in currency and forms of capital depends on shared ideas. We usually fulfill and live in someone…

Working Screen

It is time for a revising of a writing aid called Writer’s Cafe. I first reported on my experience with Writer’s Café two years ago when I began using it. I had used it daily for almost two months. I produced two books with it, then took a year off. Looking at it this week I decided to talk about it again. Writer’s Café is a text editing, story planning, writing software.

Linux has been my favorite computer operating environment for about 20 years. Linux is a base level software that competes with Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac iOS. Android…

Perhaps we can learn about human behavior by examining other animals in the past.

There was a TV commercial where the actor complained, “you spilled peanut butter in my chocolate!”

In a similar way I think we are stuck with very confused human brains because of all the mixed baggage from our past. I decided to tell the story of why we act the way we do based on our ancient genetic inheritance.

Trust or Distrust Drives Social Groups

Racial and ethnic divisions determine political alliances.

Part of the image comes from Trust Fall by Mugdha Damle from the Noun Project

I grew up with trust issues with my parents. My relationship was often strained. Their mood swings and quick turns to anger confused me and kept me on my toes. I feel I had difficulty relating to others later because of my childhood experiences. Now, years later, I am glad I could always count on their physical and material support. Trust defines how we live in the world.

We trust a bank to keep our money safe. We trust a school to educate our children. We trust…

Consciousnesses as Peripheral Input Processing

I awake each day and remember where I am and who I am. I have a consciousness of a self that existed yesterday and back through time to my childhood. I have been thinking about consciousness recently. This interesting topic has a wide and deep associated literature.

A definition of consciousness was offered by John Locke’s in his Essay Concerning Human Understanding, (1690). He described it as “the perception of what passes in a man’s own mind.” Since then, the term has taken on the weight of hundreds of meanings.

Is consciousness the awareness of…

I am obsessed with reading science fiction, fantasy books, and watching movies. So, I am bewitched by those movies, based on science fiction and fantasy books and stories. You could say I make the ideal audience member. Movie producers have used written works to inspire and serve as the launching point for depictions on the screen. The history of science fiction and fantasy stories turned to movies dates back to the beginning of moving making. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne was adapted into a 1916 film. …

Many folks I know are employed at colleges in California as adjunct faculty. I’ve been surprised by the bemused expressions on their faces when I ask what the job is like. It seemed like my friends are of two minds about their careers in the teaching profession. This is a growth industry. Shouldn’t it be good to get a jig like this? I want to know.

Part-time and adjunct faculty are now an average of 49 percent of the faculty at post-secondary institutions in the United States. In California community colleges approximately 49,000 adjuncts were employed last year. Colleges are…

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Writer, organizer, political activist.

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